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Phase Box: Phase Manipulation Tool


The Phase Box is a 500 series compatible phase manipulation tool designed to correct problematic audio phase alignment when recording multiple signal sources. A high quality analog device, the Phase Box helps deliver smooth natural sounding phase curves and adds warmth to your recordings. Simple to use, the variable phase control knob and switchable low cut filter puts you in control of audio phase manipulation.

Do some of your microphone recorded tracks sound thin? If so, this could be due to misaligned phase of your audio signal. Audio phase inconsistencies can arise in all manner of day-to-day recording environments. This is especially true when combining two signals to capture that elusive "fat" recorded sound. Audio signal from two sources can often become incoherent and in the worst situations cancel each other out unless phase alignment is controlled.

Grammy winning recording engineer Francis Buckley about the Phasebox:

Watch the others, too! Francis Buckley about:

The Phase Box can be inserted in-line (directly after a microphone / instrument preamp) or via the insert bus of a mixer or DAW. The audio signals phase can be manipulated by up to 180 degrees with the front panel rotary encoder. Bypass, Low-cut filter, and phase reverse switches are provided along with output level adjustment and VU metering.

Guitar, bass, and drum recordings can be significantly improved by correcting misaligned signal phase during the recording process. Capture warmth and thickness in recordings like never before by zeroing in on the "sweet spot" with the Phase Box.

Utilising low noise and wide dynamic range LME49720 op-amps and built to the same high specifications as other SM Pro Audio 500 Series units, the Phase Box is a "go to" tool when capturing the perfect recording.

The Phase Box is slated for release in June 2013.

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