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  • G1
    Supercardioid Dynamic
    Vocal Microphone
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G1: Dynamic Vocal Microphone


The G1 is a supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone with a high level output for use in all applications where a quality professional microphone is required. The G1 has maximum isolation from other sound sources, minimum off axis sound and tone coloration being that it uses a true supercardioid pattern capsule. This also has the added advantage of limiting feedback in live performances where loud monitors are used.

The G1 is an ideal microphone for vocals. The specifically designed frequency response and the microphones construction, shock mount system and a steel mesh grill all lend to it's superior sound and performance.

The G1 is designed for close-up vocals, it can be mounted on a stand or hand held. The exact placement depends on the type of sound the user wants to achieve and if the user wants a CLOSE UP sound or a more open room sound.


  • Frequency response tailored for vocals
  • Supercardioid pattern
  • High signal-to-noise output
  • Steel mesh grill that resists wear and abuse
  • incl. shock mount system
  • incl. bag




Frequency response

Frequency response

With its supercardioid pattern and frequency response tailored for vocals the G1 is the first choise for singing and performing.



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