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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 11:07

"The DI8E is truly a wonder in our racks."

Andre Pittelkau / Live Keyboarder of Frida Gold









Frida Gold. A band from Germany who decided to just make music. Without any casting shows, without any star producers, without any marketing apparatus in the back.

"Zeig mir wie du tanzt" (Show me how to dance) was Frida Gold's debut single and went to number 38 in the german charts (15 in the iTunes charts) - after all pop is nothing without hits. The song „Wovon sollen wir träumen“ (What should we dream of) even got the official hymn of the soccer world championships of women in german television.

Frida Gold. That's one of the most successful newcomer bands of germany in the last year. Live (playing with Kylie Minogue) their pop pearls are perfectly hitting the stage and here they also rely on SM Pro Audio gear.


We talked to Andre Pittelkau the Frida Gold live keyboarder / drummer about SM Pro Audio.


SM Pro Audio: Hi Andre. How did you started making music?

Andre: Music always was what I wanted to do and able to do. When I was six I started playing drums. With 15 I learned playing guitar and bass, with 18 came the piano.

SM Pro Audio: What do you play at Frida Gold?

Andre: That depends. Until october 2011 I used to play piano and synthesizers right now as we have an extra keyboarder I play drums together with our main drummer.

SM Pro Audio: You use our DI Box DI8E. How is the setup?

Andre: The DI8E is truly a wonder in our racks. As a keboarder I used to sent 6 synthesizer channels into the DI8E and it was a breeze to make my own monitor mix, panning, and individual volumes.

This was worth one's weight in gold, because we also work with playbacks and a click track.
Also it was really relaxing to have everything setup before, because mainly when playing big festivals everything must happen really fast when changing the stage.
In addition to that another DI8E is taking care of all our e drum signals for the FOH guy. By the way he became totally addicted and during our tour he also got a DI8E.
Last but not least our playback rack is also equipped with a third DI8E. Here we have all our backing vocals, add lips, and additionals.
Oh and our other keyboarder, a die hard analog synth freak was very sceptical about the affordable DI8E. But now after the tour the first thing he did was also getting a DI8E and he loves it!

More informationen about the DI Box DI8E can be found here: DI8E product page

More informationen about the Frida Gold can be found here: http://www.fridagold.com


Credits photos: Copyright © fridagold.com, Warner Music Group Central Europe